Triple H carries various products supplies by Seal King. Ranging from products such as polymeric sand, paving stone sealers, adhesives, cleansers and grips. Most of which come available in different colours, finishes or consistencies.


We carry all finishes and pail sizes available, in order to assure we have exactly what you need to restore or maintain your paving stone.


The high performance polymeric sand, is high in both strength and durability. Available in beige and grey, the 50 lbs. bag covers approx. 150 square feet.


We carry both the Impressed Concrete sealer(High Gloss), and Concrete Colour Koat (Sahara and Tan).


Efflorescence can be irritating for new and existing home owners, speed up the process with Seal Kings effective efflorescence remover today!


Seal king has two different sizes in regards to their brick and block adhesive. Available in both 300 ml and 825 ml tubes.

grease-release Grease Release is the perfect solution to remove stains, spots and drips left from friends and families vehicles, parked on your driveway.


Rust Remover is the perfect solution, to dig deep into pavers and scrub away those unappealing rust stains.


Oil-Off is an environmentally friendly solution, that has the ability to not only break down oil and grease on your pavers, but barbecue, tires, engine and practically any surface that requires oil/grease removal.


Seal-Grip is the perfect alternative, to avoid slippery and dangerous situations when pavers are frequently wet, or have been sealed. Seal-Grip will give you the stability you need to stay standing.