Triple H Paving Stone stocks a wide variety of wall options for both retaining and gardens walls. All walls are built to be as durable as possible, in order to withstand the harsh Canadian winters. Our robust retaining walls come in a variety of colours made to match almost any colour scheme and satisfy everyone in the house. The majority of our Retaining walls are sourced from our trusted partner “Santerra”.

We carry all types of walls, to suit all types of jobs. From interlocking block, to smooth fortress blocks for custom builds in fireplaces or barbecues. Regardless of the task at hand, we will find a suitable retaining block to suit your specific needs. Not only do we offer a wide variety of blocks in styles, sizes and textures but we continuously stock a wide selection of colours as well in order to match your personal taste and style.

Triple H Stocks Nearly Every Colour Of Parkwall Available.
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